“Goonite MD Reveals Insights on The Quality Of Lebrace Baby Diapers and Besense Sanitary Pads”

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Lebrace baby diapers and Besense sanitary pads

The link between social media and the FMCG industry is well-established. Social media allows sharing relevant information and influences users significantly. Goonite Hygiene’s MD, Mr. John Jiang, teamed up with brand ambassador Destiny Etiko to answer public questions. The live session took place on Instagram with around 51 followers joining at 9pm.

Let’s delve into the details of what was discussed during this informative session.

Destiny Etiko asked about the inspiration behind Lebrace baby diapers and Besense sanitary pads the MD. Mr John Jiang explained that they developed a Nigerian-made diaper due to unsuitability of commercial diapers. To ensure quality and comfort, Lebrace and Besense were launched in 2021. The ambassador inquired about the availability of these products in Nigeria and other countries. The MD stated that the products are available nationwide and attracting interest from neighboring African countries. Their dream is to make the products available in Asia, Latin America, and Europe as well. People were curious about becoming distributors or purchasing in wholesale. Mr. Jiang mentioned social media platforms where interested individuals can connect with their customer service. The ambassador sought clarification on the different types of Besense sanitary pads. Mr. Jiang explained the various options available, including Zip pads, Pocket pads, and pads for day and night use. The different sizes of Lebrace baby diapers were also discussed, ranging from size 1 to 5. Parents should choose the appropriate size based on their baby’s weight, not age. Concerns were raised regarding the availability of Lebrace size 5 diapers. Mr. Jiang assured that the supply chain has been improved, and size 5 diapers are widely available.

In case of any difficulty, customers can check Jumia or contact them through social media. The ambassador asked if the pads come with panty liners. Mr. Jiang confirmed that the pads include panty liners, with the number varying based on the pad type. He also mentioned plans for a product dedicated solely to panty liners. The superiority of Lebrace diapers in preventing rashes was discussed. Mr. Jiang emphasized their rigorous cleaning and hygienic measures to ensure safety and effectiveness. The colours of Lebrace baby diapers and Besense sanitary pads were revealed. Lebrace diapers are green and white, while Besense pads are blue.

In conclusion, the General Manager expressed plans to sponsor and distribute more products to give back to society. To watch the live session, visit @besensesanitarypad and @lebracediaper on Instagram.

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