Goonite Hygiene: Empowering Communities through Sponsorship of Besense Sanitary Products and Lebrace Baby diapers

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Goonite Hygiene, empowering communities


Goonite Hygiene, the renowned manufacturer of Besense Sanitary Pads and Lebrace Diapers, has been actively involved in philanthropic endeavors. As part of their commitment to promoting hygiene and well-being, the organization has sponsored various individuals and organizations, providing them with free sanitary pads and diapers. This article highlights some of the notable sponsorship initiatives undertaken by Goonite Hygiene and previews their upcoming endeavors.

  1. Donation to NYSC CDS Group in Ipokia Local Government:

Goonite Hygiene extended its support by donating free sanitary pads to the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Community Development Service (CDS) group in Ipokia local government. This initiative aimed to enhance menstrual hygiene management among young women and contribute to their overall well-being.

  1. Sponsorship of a Secondary School in Lagos State:

During a school’s inter-house sports event in Lagos State, Goonite Hygiene sponsored a secondary school by donating free sanitary pads. By supporting educational institutions, the organization actively promotes awareness and accessibility of sanitary products among young girls, ensuring their comfort and dignity.

  1. Diaper Donations to Mothers and Hospitals:

Recognizing the importance of infant hygiene, Goonite Hygiene extended its sponsorship to mothers and hospitals by donating free Lebrace Diapers. This gesture aimed to alleviate the financial burden on new parents and promote optimal care for newborns in healthcare facilities.


Upcoming Sponsorship Initiatives:

  1. Menstrual Health Day by UNILAG Pharmaceutical Student:

Goonite Hygiene plans to sponsor the Menstrual Health Day organized by UNILAG (University of Lagos) Pharmacy students. This event serves as a platform to raise awareness about menstrual health, debunk myths, and provide essential education on menstrual hygiene management.

  1. Health Walk in Delta State:

As part of its commitment to overall well-being, Goonite Hygiene will sponsor a health walk in Delta State. By supporting this initiative, the organization aims to promote a healthy and active lifestyle among individuals while raising awareness about the significance of hygiene in maintaining good health.


Goonite Hygiene, the manufacturer of Besense Sanitary Pads and Lebrace Diapers, has exemplified its dedication to promoting hygiene and well-being through its sponsorship initiatives. By providing free sanitary pads to the NYSC CDS group and a secondary school, and donating diapers to mothers and hospitals, the organization has positively impacted various communities. Furthermore, their forthcoming sponsorship of the Menstrual Health Day and the health walk in Delta State showcases their ongoing commitment to improving the lives of individuals and fostering awareness about hygiene-related issues. Through their continued efforts, Goonite Hygiene continues to empower communities, ensuring a healthier and more dignified future for all.


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  • Esther Okere

    May 13, 2023 - 12:30 pm

    Well done for the good job you are doing through Corporate Social Responsibility. Long live Goonite (NG) Hygiene Products FZE.

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