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Every woman is endowed with a unique body. Either Tall, Short, Thick, Curvy – These are the diversity that makes you unique. Life becomes much more interesting when you embrace and accept yourself without comparing and idolizing one size of shape. The distinction and acceptance are what brings you down to choosing the right size of clothes for your body type. While you take so much effort to get it right with your clothes, have you ever thought about pad sizes?…… Yes, you did – I thought as much.


The rule of ‘one size fits every lady’ does not apply to feminine hygiene products, let alone sanitary pads. But the good news is that you do not have to settle for a sanitary pad that is not designed for your body type; there are options available.


So, today, Let’s take a quick look at the various pads we have and some of their details according to your need:


  • {D8} Contains 8pcs for normal flow


  • {N10} contains 10pcs for heavy flow


  • Eco mix contains 6pcs for normal flow and 6pcs for heavy flow with 2 pant liner


  • Zip pad both colour… Contains 17pcs for normal flow

8pcs for heavy flow with 5 pant liner


                                           Important factors to choose the right Sanitary napkin

  1. Know your periods–Understanding your body and periods first is a major part of choosing the right pad matching your menstrual cycle of what you actually need. Every girl has different type of periods be it the flow, duration or symptoms. So, know the types of Besense sanitary pad you need.
  2. Good absorbency–The sanitary pad absorption capacity let’s you decide if you need an extra absorbent pad or just a regular pad. The pad should absorb the blood flow without any back-flow.

Tip# Opt for longer pads if your flow is heavy and vice-versa. Use pads that come with fragrance to avoid any foul smell during initial days of heavy flow.

  1. Length and flow–Pick the right pad as per your flow. It depends on the body shape and flow whether you need an extra-long pad with broad hip-guard or a regular one.

Tip# Use long-slim pad as Besense sanitary pad has them in different sizes and change just to fit your need.

  1. Material-It just depends on your preference and skin type what you want to use. Sanitary pad for sensitive skin are available if you do have a sensitivity issue in that area.

Tip# It is advised to prefer cotton menstrual pads on the last days of your period to avoid rashes.

  1. Lifestyle-Wear pads according to the nature of your daily activities or activities that happen to fall on the days of your period.



                                     Let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions;

  1. How do you know what size of sanitary pads to get?


To know how to choose the right sanitary pad size, you must mostly factor in your period flow. For Instance, if you have heavy flow, a large pad size with higher absorbency, should do. Whereas for days when you have a lighter flow, a normal pad size should suffice. You can try Besense Ultra Thin pads for up-to 100% comfortable protection.


  1. Why do pads have sizes?

We’re all different and even in a single period, no two days have the same flow. Which is why it is good to have pad sizes to select from. The various pad sizes and shapes help cater to different flows.


  1. Which is the best brand for pads?

When selecting a brand for your pad, first,you should look at the ones that meet the basic criteria. The best pads cater to three important aspects – Dryness, Discreet Comfort and Ultra Thin. Obviously, Besense sanitary Pads fit the brief with our various pad sizes that meet different needs.

That will be all on ‘What size of pad you should choose ranging from your body shape to flow, we hope most of your questions regarding what pad size to use and when to use them have been answered above.

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On our next article we will tell you the advantages of using our sanitary pads which will help prevent leakage and save your valuable clothes from blood stains and humiliation.

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